juli 2016

The end of week 4

It's 8:26am and I'm eating my breakfast. Now it's 08:44am because I had to take a quick shower. This seems impossible... Time flies. School is challenging. This week has been the toughest so far. I...

Let's sum it up

Well, first week of school went by fast to say the least... Now we're already in the second. There were a lot of info in every class we had last week, sitting in circles and give all the teachers ...


23, Vler i Hedmark

Hi everyone. I'm finally making it easier for every human on earth to read my highly spontaneous an nonsense blog. I've had my beloved chicfactory since I was about 17, so just because I say it's weird and stupid doesn't mean you can too. Having that said, please laugh and cry, let my words inspire you to FEEL something, PLEASE. Or else all of this goes to waste. We're talking about my time and priorities, guys. Enjoy my life in New York. And follow me on instagram: ingebokka. And snapchat with the same nickname.