The end of week 4

It's 8:26am and I'm eating my breakfast.

Now it's 08:44am because I had to take a quick shower.

This seems impossible... Time flies.

School is challenging. This week has been the toughest so far. It's focus and concentration, drink water, do exercises and rehearse.

I'm running past this building on my way to the Pier I like in Hudson River Park. There are a lot of piers but one of them is longer and stretches longer out than the others. It's so beautiful there, once I saw that it was lightening over in New Jersey. I wasn't able to catch it in a picture.

Reading plays... While tanning ofc.

Just a nice building west uptown.

Brunch at BEA, a super nice restaurant in the same street that I live in actually! It's all you can drink and eat for $45... I think we emptied the bar and ate whatever that could be eaten.

At the governor's island after the brunch. This was before it took off. Just sayin.

And now it's 9am and the cleaning lady will be here soon. That's not a joke, we actually have someone cleaning the apparent today. YAY!! I have to go.


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