Let's sum it up

Well, first week of school went by fast to say the least... Now we're already in the second.

There were a lot of info in every class we had last week, sitting in circles and give all the teachers your lifestory in 5 min. And when you have a name like I do half of the time goes by talking about how you spell it and pronounce it.

My take on the school hasn't changed, maybe for the better if any.

I'm just going to post some random pictures. This is tonight at the Hudson River Park. Outdoor movietheatre! Have to go to the next one!

No more limo. This is my ride to school.

Just a nice sunflower.

Starting to get friends. Big relief. I'm not a loner, mom -high five :)

This is Hilde, she's a friend from last time I studied in NY! She's the most hardcore and wise young lady I know of, and I'm so happy that she's still here keeping her head cool. She also went to The Lee Strasberg Institute a few years ago and now she's working her way uuup as an actress in the big Apple. Watch out for her!!

Yesterday we saw "Runaways", an off-Broadway show hopefully to get picked up to become an (on) Broadway show. We were so impressed and stunned by the performances of the actors who btw were under 18 years old. Yes.

The best thing about traveling alone is that you get to really learn how to take good pictures of yourself like someone else takes them. Like this one. Sunset from the Hudson River Park.

Ok, I'm out. Ttyl

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