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So. Hi!
Yesterday was gay pride parade, and it was a m a z i n g. This is the best public party I've ever experienced. Forget valentine's, THIS IS THE NEW CELEBRATION OF LOVE. Yes it's considered for the gay community, but I never felt left out for that matter, it's about equality, which includes all of us. I was moved to tears watching the parade, so many people marching and demonstrating for everyones rights to being who they are and who they want to be. Especially when the march for the shooting in Orlando passed by. Each "member" were angels, all dressed in white, and had a picture from each victim from the shooting hanging from their necks. Their dresses had their name and age. It was such a powerful statement. I've watched the news and read about the incident, but standing there and seeing all the people who suffered from it was just too much. My thoughts goes out to the families and the ones who are affected, and all of us who need to stay strong and fight for a better world.

I went to the park after. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to bring food and lay down in Washington Square Park. Before I got there I stopped by a book stand. A couple men were selling different books. What's great with the city is that there are plays, scripts and books about acting to be bought almost everywhere. I found five books; Ibsen, Steinbeck, Shakespeare, Brecht and Rilke. The men selling were so sweet, I told them I was an acting student and as usual I get incouraged to work hard and that they want to see me succeed. Always brings a smile on my face. I think most of the people who meet students in acting are excited about listening to our hopes and dreams, and it's good to feel the support, still you never loose the thought of that you're NOT alone. We want the same thing. You need to stand out.
Anyways. I'm here and all you need to do is to focus on your own development. Waisting energy and time on thinking about the competition won't take you far. But the balance, being aware of the realistic facts and still believing in yourself is so tough. It's a struggle I imagine is hard for not only me but for every professional.

And today, Monday, I woke up to a very exciting day ahead. First day of school at the circle in the square theatre school. I had no idea what to expect. The teachers, my fellow classmates, the environment, my schedule for the next 7 weeks. All I can say now, after a 10 hours long day at school; this is going to be great. The teachers seem to be highly motivated and professional, they have all the knowledge and expectations for us to grab and make the most out of. My classmates are so sweet, all of us very different, some with lots of experience, some with less. I've only met one who's also international! She's from Singapore! Everyone else are from different parts in the US. The ages range from 16-51. Although we're mostly between 16 and 25 I think. We've had voice, singing interpretation, seminar with the President of the school, acting technique and scene study. And an extra voice class at the very end of the day with an alumni from the school talking about his work today. He also gave us advice for what to keep in mind and how to work through the workshop. Now I'm in my room wondering what assignment I should start on first. Tomorrow is another long day, starting at 9 with acting technique! Most of the days doesn't end until 6/6:30pm, and there are actually NO lunch included in the schedule which means we have to eat quietly in class... I boiled 4 eggs when I got back home thinking I can bring a couple to school and eat them with slices of bread. Bringing my norwegian "matpakke" skills ;)
Oh well. Off to my assignments.


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