Back in the rythm

Good afternoon! 

I finally slept enough for my brain to update into NY-time. It's sunny and the first thing I did (after breakfast) was to put on sun lotion and plan where to tan. I need to stop by the drama book shop and find a play to read before school. We're supposed to bring a scene with a dialogue, and find a partner to work on it with. 

We're also having step dance!! So I need to find tap-shoes. Wow is that going to be a challenge or what?! Not finding the shoes but actually learning how to step. I remember we were introduced to step at my folk highschool solbakken, but I can't recall I was any good at it... Oh well. I'm excited anyways!

I skyped back home last night with my mom and dad. It was nice to see them again and I think it's wonderful how easy it is to stay in touch. Honestly, New York is not far from home at all. It's just a different world. 

Working on a post, coming out tonight (guessing 6am for Norwegian morning birds) .


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