Hi mom, hi dad

Yes it's English. It's so that the whole wide world can read it, not only sceptic Norwegians. It's a bad habit I have, talking about my own nationality like it's the worst people ever. It's not, really. At least my family and friends are the best but I don't know about yours.

anyways, I'm not here to talk about Norway. I rarely blog from Norway. I find that rather impossible, with all the positive thinking around the corner and no maniacs screaming in the middle of the street. Nope, only New York triggers me to write. 

This might get personal, uncomfortable or/and ambitious. Like me (remember: or/and). I don't like to sugarcoat stuff, and I must warn you, I don't know how to handle criticism. 

Let me tell you why I'm here for the fifth time. I'm studying acting and musical theatre at the Circle in the Square Theatre School, located underneath a broadway theatre on manhattan. I did a hell of a good audition and got in for the two year program , said no thanks because I also was accepted into the bachelor program in acting at westerdals, started my BA, craved NY and begged circle to have me for their summer workshop. So here I am. For two months only. 

Still following? Impressive. 

It's 8:39am and I woke up 7. The jet lag coming here is just a good one I think. I'm never a morning person so I get to experience the morning coffee person in me. Yet I don't have a coffee and all I've eaten is two spoons from a soy yoghurt that tasted like shit. I'm not a vegan, not a vegetarian but the pescetarian part I won't deny. I'm proud of not having eaten pork, chicken or any red meat for 2 months and 3 weeks. Let's not go there though. I have no idea for how long it's going to last, and I'm doing it for both health and environment reasons. Just want to try it out and see how I'm holding up. So far so good.

I came Tuesday night with the one and only Dreamliner. I watched two movies; Carol and Ace Ventura. Ate a shrimp sandwich, some chocolate and drank sprite. Always a bit nervous going through security at JFK but I'm telling you, they looove me. Especially when I'm there with a student visa and I get to tell them I'm an actress. "See you on broadway!" -and I'm through. 

My taxi driver was a sweet Asian who sensed how tired I was, we didn't spoke a word until my street was coming up. I tipped him 20%, got out and found my apartment here in Hell's Kitchen. I live with two gorgeous girls, Rachel and Natalia. The bed takes up most of the room which is totally fine. My clothes and shoes are in their place and that's the most important thing. I'll be at school anyways. 

Yesterday I went to food emporium, came back with lots of good stuff and made myself a lovely bagel. Went back outside, soaked in the sun in Central Park and did nothing but realizing I'm back in the city. I don't really have a need to go shopping or be a tourist. If I can't afford Carrie Bradshaws closet I might as well use my own clothes, and I've seen the stuff everyone goes to see. Basically I'm a local. No I'm not, I'll never be, which I have accepted and for that I should be rewarded. My day ended with a sunset jog up and down Hudson River park. It was nothing but beautiful. Yes the air is awful, but growing up on a farm in Norway probably makes the difference a hundred times more noticeable. 

TODAY I'm going to do some "office" work. The sky is cloudy today so it fits me well. This blog will be words and thoughts about New York, my school and the weekends. Because weekends are mostly free I intend to make them interesting for you guys. But of course, for me too. 

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Ttyl (talk to you later)




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Spennende ;D

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